Our Business

Ekhinos is a corporate finance advisory firm with a particular focus on complex, high-value transactions. Ekhinos deals exclusively with corporations and financial institutions, the majority of which are large multinational organisations, typically Fortune 500 or FTSE 250 corporations. Transaction sizes range from the hundreds of millions to several billion dollars.

Ekhinos designs, originates and executes structured finance transactions for clients, drawing on its considerable experience in international tax, accountancy, regulatory and financial matters.

Since the firm’s inception we have completed more than $10 billion of transactions for our clients. 

Transaction Design and Structuring

The firm’s principals have considerable experience in structuring complex financial transactions designed to meet an issuer’s tax, accounting and economic objectives as well as the regulatory and yield requirements of the investor. The firm draws on a variety of in-house skills and experience, including backgrounds in banking, finance and tax.

Ekhinos is familiar with a wide variety of jurisdictions. The principals have worked on transactions involving the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

Origination and Marketing

The firm works closely with clients to identify transaction counterparties, drawing on relationships established with an investor base in the world’s major capital markets. Not only does Ekhinos assist in the identification and qualification of potential counterparties, but we also aggressively market to these counterparties and take a creative role in subsequent refinements of the transaction structure.

Once the transaction counterparties have been identified and the broad commercial parameters of the deal agreed, Ekhinos takes responsibility for the preparation of a detailed term sheet as well as the creation of a financial model to define the transaction economics for both parties.

Transaction Execution

Ekhinos regards its role in the documentation process as critical in working to a successful transaction conclusion. We have assisted many clients in documenting transactions by working closely with their legal advisers and conferring with the drafting lawyers to minimise execution risk. We use our problem solving skills and experience to control documentation costs and to minimise the time our client spends completing the transaction. We maintain deal momentum to achieve a successful closing as a reward for our client’s efforts.

The firm has never regarded transaction success as being defined simply by the signing of the documents. We recognise that the effort and cost of completing a transaction demand continuing effectiveness for our clients, and we have a considerable track record in assisting to restructure and to adapt existing transactions to ensure their ongoing sustainability, thereby maximising the benefits of the transaction for our clients.

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